Uggeshall Gundogs

The basics:

Your puppy / dog learning the basics in this category will ‘heel’, ‘sit’ and ‘stay’, and work well on a whistle, therefore part trained to the basic commands and live out in the kennels. They will be introduced to gunshot and worked through varying terrain. If you are coming in at the beginning of the process e.g. choosing a young pup from a litter then we can work very closely with your requirements. Whatever level you wish to take your dog up to, we can ask questions such as ‘what do you want from your dog?; and ‘what type of work do you want your dog to do?’. Once given that information we are up and running. You will, of course, be able to visit your working dog at any point and see how we are progressing.

It is preferable for us to work with one of our own dogs, simply because it’s a blank canvas and we know its from the best pedigree stock available. Having no already installed bad habits makes training an easier and faster process. However we are open to helping anyone we can so its always worth a phone call.

Training can start as early as eight weeks old. Doing this will save yourself and your dog problems in later life. If you wish to take your puppy home for the first few months, then that’s fine by us. We would just like to mention that insisting on basic manners at home is essential e.g. making sure the dog waits before bouncing out of the car, not letting them charge off once the dog is released from a slip lead or even just not letting them barge ahead out of any door in front of you. These little types of training are invaluable.

The key to our early puppy training is keeping it short and sweet. Strict suppressive training is not just totally unfair on such a young dog but can also lead for an unhappy dog, which of course, will cause problems further down the line.

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