Uggeshall Gundogs

Gundog training:

We can offer you a couple of choices when it comes to dogs. You can either ask if we have any pups we are currently bringing on or you can choose a pup from any of our available litters and we will work a price and training programme out from there. We also sometimes have young dogs (over 20 months old) which will be fully trained and have some experience in the shooting field who will also be for sale.

Our gundogs are kennel trained and live outside. If you are buying your puppy to work and to be part of a family, we can take this on board too. With our smallholding stock we can socialise your young dog with sheep, goats, ponies, ducks and chickens. We also offer house socialising too, down to being with and handled by young children, cats, hamsters and even down to house hold noises such as hoovers and washing machines.

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