Uggeshall Gundogs - Fully Trained Dogs

Fully trained:

It is very difficult to put a price on a fully trained gundog. The amount of hours that we will put in on a daily basis are immeasurable. However we are able to do this (and sell you a gundog at an affordable price versus the amount of hours put in) simply because it is our life as a family. We have our own dogs we are bringing on plus our more experienced dogs to hand that a youngster can look and learn from. Even down to socialising with other animals and children, the whole family (cats, chickens, sheep, goats, ponies and children) are part of the process of producing a rounded more mature dog for our clients. The dog will be crate and car trained, be patient and understand his or her job, plus accompanying and working with us on shoots during the season.

Training your gundog does take a lifetime, being a team with your dog is part of the enjoyment and challenge. What we can do is instil the basics in him, retrieving from great distances, teaching the dog to hunt a pattern correctly, not rushing after moving game (unless we are at the teaching of ‘the runner’ stage). Everything, including this, take time and patience, we are fortunate to have the time, the ideal conditions (and the patience) whereas you might not

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