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Welcome to Uggeshall Kennels

We are based in North Suffolk, ten minutes from the pretty seaside town of Southwold. Surrounded by countryside and with the coast only a few minutes away our dogs have plenty of opportunity to work and play in varying terrain.

Combining the right amount of training, playtime and work with the best diet and care we can provide we are very proud of all our dogs.

Open every day of the year, you are welcome to come and visit at any time.

Our book 'The Sprocker Spaniel' has come together with the last couple of years of breeding Sprocker Spaniels. Covering how to find your perfect pup, questions to be asked before and after purchasing your pup, puppy proofing your house, essential kit and all the ideas and tips you need to get a successful start. See The Sprocker Spaniel

Not sure which type of Spaniel will suit you best? There are so many urban myths about Spaniels, combined with well wishers opinions of the breed, a lot of potential puppy buyers come to us knowing that a Spaniel is probably the right dog for them, but a tad confused about which one (and which sex) is the best for them. So, combining years of Spaniels as pets, working dogs and breeding and selling them, our new book Choosing A Cocker or Springer or Sprocker Spaniel is the perfect answer for you!

A Kid's Guide To Owning A Spaniel, written by Kids for Kids. There is nothing like having your first puppy, its a life long remembered relationship but its not just fun and games. Bringing your new pup into your life requires love, time and commitment. Just because you are a kid though, does'nt mean you can't do a great job, you just need some help, some guidelines and a bit of patience. See A Kid's Guide To Owning A Spaniel, written by Kids for Kids - no boring adults making it more complicated than it should be!

A lot happens here month by month, pups are born, pups leave, new dogs sometimes arrive and sometimes our faithful girls are retired. We always try to just work with people who get and keep in contact with us when it comes to all matters canine, since we would rather not advertise to the world at large and feel comfortable in our personal community we have built ourselves. In order to actually inform anyone who is interested we have put together a monthly newsletter and as anyone who vaguely knows me, I do love to write, so it’s a perfect opportunity to sit and talk to myself, spaniel on foot and type happily away with a large ‘do not disturb’ sign on the office door. This is intended for anyone who loves spaniels (you don’t even need to own one!) and are interested in their day to day life. See Our Newsletter for more details.

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